Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Pixel Art Book is Underway!

As of today, the Pixel Art Book has accumulated enough artists to make the book a reality. I have a wide variety of contributing artists procured from around the net, many of which are from the Slime Salad community. Each artist is currently working away on their pieces for submission. Some of the artists have even sent in some really cool stuff already. Here's a little teaser...

For anyone out there who is still interested in contributing to this project, it is not too late! Please email as soon as possible if you still want in on this. My contact can be found on the About / Contact page.


  1. Anonymous11/7/14 16:12

    His name is "Thiago Banana".

  2. Anonymous11/7/14 16:19

    Banana is a very great artist! i'm his fan.


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